Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.


According to an exclusive poll conducted by USA Today/IPSOS, one in five teachers revealed they are unlikely to go back to work in September, signifying what could be a potential slew of resignations.

The concerning figure is even higher among teachers 55 and older.

Eighty-three percent of teachers surveyed revealed they are having a harder time doing their job properly amid the unprecedented crisis, according to the findings. The approximately tw0-thirds said they have had even more work than normal.


Boeing and Airbus are researching the new coronavirus’ behavior inside jetliners, part of an industry push to curb risks that have brought air traffic near a standstill.

The Wall Street Journal says their work will involve academics, engineers and medical experts expected to examine new measures to prevent disease transmission on airplanes.

Boeing said it is developing computer models that simulate the cabin environment and could ultimately inform decisions by airlines, health officials and regulators on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Minority business

The number of working African American business owners in the United States plummeted more than 40% as the coronavirus shut down much of the economy – a far steeper drop than other racial groups experienced.

The University of California at Santa Cruz study says the pandemic will, as expected, deepen inequalities in the business world.

Minority-owned companies often create jobs for people from the owner’s ethnic or racial group, the study authors said, and their success radiates out in the community, research links business ownership to long-term wealth.


With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading through the economy, FedEx has created a new program to provide relief to small businesses.

The delivery services giant announced the launch of its #SupportSmall grants program, which it teased in early May. The $1 million initiative will give assistance to 200 business owners, with each one receiving a $5,000 check and a $500 credit for FedEx office print and business services.


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