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Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

New cars more expensive than other, used car prices dropping

There are only 10 car models that are priced below $25,000.
But used car prices have dropped for four straight months.
According to a new report by Cox Auto Group, the U.S. New car market is becoming a luxury market, where new vehicles are available only for wealthier buyers.

Two more brands of eye drops recalled

The FDA says two more eyedrop brands are being recalled due to risks.
The eyedrops are distributed by Pharmedica and Apotex.
The drops have contamination risks that could lead to vision problems and serious injury.

6G mobile internet set to launch in 2030

Next-gen mobile internet — 6g — will launch in 2030.
Telecom executives say this even though after hundreds of billions of dollars of investment into 5g networks, carriers have struggled to see the return while 5g penetration among consumers remains low globally.
6g will bring enhanced cybersecurity to the mobile network as well as more artificial intelligence features.

Snap stock surges as Congress renews efforts to ban Tiktok

Investors are betting that Washington’s mounting scrutiny on Tiktok could be good news for rival snapchat.

Shares of Snapchat’s parent company surged nearly 10% on Monday and another 5% in early trading Tuesday following news that U.S. senators are planning to introduce legislation that could make it easier to ban rival app Tiktok.

Gen Z Dating

Today’s young adults, especially young women, are increasingly finding romance in their friend groups.

The survey center on american life found that most young people were friends first with the person they are dating.

Many of the young people in the survey said that constant swiping had sucked much of the fun and excitement out of the process.