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Cabin on Brown Co. State Park grounds catches fire

BROWN CO., Ind. (WISH) – Nine people escaped a cabin fire in the Brown County State Park Friday morning.

At approximately 9:35 a.m., volunteer fire crews from Nashville, Jackson Township, Hamblen Township and Van Buren Township arrived at the scene of a cabin fire.

Brown County (Nashville), Jackson Township, Hamblen Township and Van Buren Township volunteer fire departments worked to put out a fire Feb. 27 at the Brown County State Park. Nine people on vacation were able to escape the fire safely including...

Danny Pfleider and Heather Deckard, along with two other adults and five children were staying in the Leghorn Tharp family cabin when Pfleider noticed the fire, according to 24-Hour News partner paper The Brown County Democrat.

“The whole roof was on fire all the way around the chimney,” Pfleider said.

Kurt Young, the Brown County firefighter in command, stated that 30 to 40 percent of the cabin sustained damage. Most of the damage was on the upper level and the underside of the roof.

No injuries were reported.

Fire crews are still investigating the cause of the fire.