Car dealer offers Bible, shotgun and flag to buying customers in July

CHATOM, Ala. (WNCN) — An Alabama car dealership has come up with a quite interesting way to attract people to shop with them during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

According to a Facebook post by Chatom Ford in Chatom, Alabama, the dealership is offering up a Bible, a 12-gauge shotgun and an American flag for every vehicle, new or pre-owned, purchased.

“GOD, GUNS, AND FREEDOM” is how the post begins, as the person behind the computer notes how the dealership is offering their “small gift” to patrons. The deal runs through July 31.

According to Chatom Ford, you have to be 18 or older, have a valid ID, able to legally purchase vehicles and be able to pass all checks associated with owning a firearm in a person’s state of residency.