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Caring for grandkids without hot water, grandmother receives WISH Patrol surprise

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For Tina Nash of Indianapolis, a routine surgery turned into a near-death experience last year.

Nash was hospitalized to have kidney stones removed when she suffered a pulmonary embolism on the operating table.

WISH Patrol March 2018

“I was in the hospital for two weeks, off work for three months,” said Nash. “It was just a hard deal, to be on life support.”

While machines helped keep her alive, her mother Betty stepped in to keep her family going.

“She transported me back and forth to my appointments, took care of my household, paid whatever bills I needed to pay, made sure my kids were okay” said Nash.

Betty’s own mother passed away just a month earlier. Now her daughter was fighting for her life.

“We’re the type of family that pulls together,” said Betty Sharp, Tina’s mother. “Everybody was there for me.”

Tina knew her mother was taking care of her family but she didn’t know Betty was struggling to take care of herself.

For six months, Betty had no hot water.

Everyday, Betty heated two pots full of water on the stove and carried them to the bathroom to bathe, even burning herself several times in the process.

WISH Patrol March 2018

“I didn’t know her hot water heater was broken,” said Nash. “She never complained. She just did it.”

With mounting medical bills, Tina knew she was in no position to help her helper, so she wrote to the WISH Patrol for help.

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing joined the WISH Patrol to help make Betty’s situation a little better.

The Chapman crew delivered and installed a brand new water heater.

“It’s easy to forget that some of the simplest things can be a challenge,” said Jeff Chapman, owner of Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. “We’re very grateful we have the ability to negate that for her.”

Granite Transformations also donated $500 to Betty, which she plans to use to install a new bathtub that is easier to get in and out of.

Tina went back under the knife Monday to have the kidney stones removed. The surgery was a success and she is currently recovering in the hospital.

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