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Carmel firefighter back to work after COVID-19 recovery

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – Firefighter Kevin Young tested positive for COVID-19 and was out of work for 23 days while he recovered.

“My first day back at the fire house everyone was happy to see me, also they were giving me a hard time for making a big deal about staying away from me which honestly it felt good to have that camaraderie again,” said Young.

The survivor said he knew catching COVID-19 would be highly possible with his job, but not once did he ever think the symptoms would be so severe.

“It started with back pain. Within an hour or two I developed a fever then it progressed to getting the cough a little bit difficulty breathing came a couple days later,” he said.

Young tested positive on March 23 and had to be hospitalized. He later isolated himself at home, yet worried his wife and kids could also get sick.

“From what we read, children it seemed like they typically are able to have a little bit more milder symptoms or even not show symptoms so that was a relief since I have three kids who are at home with me.”

Young said the experience has totally changed his outlook on the deadly virus.

“I wouldn’t say it traumatized me, but while I was going through the depths of it, it definitely was a mental battle as well as a physical battle,” he said.

The firefighter also said he has donated plasma for the first time since his recovery and will make it a habit. Health officials use the antibodies to help others fight the infection.