Carmel installs new metering system at Keystone Parkway and 136th Street

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — The City of Carmel has made a change to a very congested roundabout in the city. City engineers have installed a metering system at 136th Street and Keystone Parkway to relieve some of that congestion.

Westbound traffic traveling on 136th Street tends to get backed up during peak travel times. This metering system is designed to get that traffic moving.

There are two meters set up. One is on the ramp from northbound Keystone Parkway onto 136th Street, and one for traffic heading eastbound on 136th Street. When there is a significant backup in the westbound lanes, a sensor will trigger the metering system to turn on. Once the system starts to operate, a yellow light will flash, and then it will turn to a red flashing light and then a solid red. That’s when cars traveling eastbound on 136th Street and from the ramp off of northbound Keystone will stop, allowing westbound traffic on 136th Street to move through the roundabout.

“This interchange is unique traffic movements because a couple different things are taking place here, we have obviously in the morning we have the AM commuter traffic that’s trying to get to Keystone Parkway and then we have all of the high school parking and all of the buses for for the high school come through this intersection as well,” Carmel City Engineer Jeremy Kashman said.

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