Cars, crowds, coolers pack track for Carb Day

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) – Pair the parties surrounding the Pagoda, the beginning of a holiday weekend and Carb Day kicks off one of the most celebrated times of year in central Indiana.

Thousands made their way to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday as drivers hit the track one last time before the race on Sunday.

Many race fans make the day an annual event including William Pickering of Indianapolis who said he had not missed the weekend since first experiencing it 38 years ago.

“I just love being out here with the fans and see the drivers and see the cars. It doesn’t get any better than this for me,” Pickering said.

After missing race weekend while serving overseas in Afghanistan, Mark Ludwig drove from the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida to be back home again in Indiana.

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“It used to be an event in Indy to come out and drink and have a great time with friends and family but serving overseas it makes Memorial Day a little bit more special,” Ludwig said.

Some took in the speeding sights from the stands while others gawked on Gasoline Alley.

People were seen soaking up the sun and spirits of the day at all four turns.