Caught on camera: Brawl inside a Sikh temple in Greenwood


GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – Surveillance video shows a violent brawl inside a Sikh temple in Greenwood.

It happened during Sunday’s service as people prayed and worshipped.

At one point, a man’s turban is yanked off. He is seemingly fighting several people on his own, throwing punch after punch. Somebody grabs him by the hair, then takes what appears to be a vase with water in it and smashes it over his head. The man eventually falls to the floor as several men continue to assault him.

Police said they believe about 150 people were involved.

“It starts out very peaceful, just people sitting and praying, reflecting, and then there is a disagreement and everybody kind of comes together. Not the way you think you’d see in a church,” said Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Drew Foster.

Foster said, before the brawl, temple leaders were counting donation money. But, he said, he believes the fight started over power.

“You have a group that was in power, of people who are elected by the board. You have another group that’s not in power, that wants to come to power or change how things are done,” Foster said.

Police were on the scene within minutes. The fight was so massive that every on-duty officer in Johnson County responded. Medics took nine to the hospital with minor injuries. According to Foster, at least one person had to have staples.

Police have not made any arrests.

“We have good detectives. They do a thorough job. They don’t rush to get things to me or my office,” Foster said. “There’s a lot of video to look at. There is a lot of witnesses to interview.”

So, as investigators continue to sort through evidence, they hope next Sunday’s service will be a peaceful one.

“Sundays are supposed to be for the family. People get together, reflect and enjoy themselves. That’s not what happened this Sunday,” Foster said.

Leaders from the temple said they did not want to comment on Sunday’s incident.

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