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Tasty Takeout: Delicia

It’s time to get your grub on for today’s Tasty Takeout! Delicia joined us in the studio to share their unique flavors with us!

Delicia, located at 5215 N College Ave., is a Latin American/Caribbean restaurant that’s open for dinner and Sunday brunch exclusively. With their Spanish name translating to ‘delights’ in English, Delicia blends ancestry and influence into every dish they serve!

Their menu is nothing short of eclectic, and with 13 unique cocktails, and a wide selection of wines and beers, you’re sure to find your perfect pairing!

Joining us in studio today was restaurant chef Andy Herrin! Today, he shared braised short rib, Trinidadian shrimp curry, house made guacamole, and sopes!

Both received major thumbs up from Alexis and Cody!

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