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Church members frustrated after three AC units stolen from property

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Last weekend a third air conditioning unit was stolen from a church on Indy’s far east side.

Two other AC units were stolen back in May.

The pastor of God’s Grace Community Church wants to warn others who live and work in the area.

“Pastors, be on the lookout, there’s someone who’s out prowling around taking air conditioners off of churches,” God’s Grace Community Church Pastor Steven Thompson said.

A shocking reality for Thompson.

“There was a day and time when people honored the church and honored it to the point that, if they were going to do a crime, the last place they would do it at was at church or on a church,” he said.

He’s afraid those days are gone after his church fell victim to thefts of three air conditioning units.

You can see where someone cut through a fence to gain access.

The thief, or thieves, have been cutting the pipes and wires and driving off with the whole unit.

“This could be a big hit to the budget to try to replace these,” he said.

Until the church comes up with $12,000 to buy three new units, it’s struggling to keep the building cool for the church and the daycare.

“With the thefts that’s been going on, it’s hot in the classes, which makes the children aggravated,” Daycare teacher Palmyra Simpson said.

“We have weddings that we do, unfortunately there are funerals we do, and then from time to time because of this, we’re experiencing air flow problems because the number of people,” Thompson said.

An IMPD detective has been assigned to the case.

The church is looking into buying security cameras.

But the pressing concern for Pastor Thompson is the forecast.

“This is summertime, this is hot time, we’re experiencing 90 degree weather,” he said, “The need for these units to be replaced is something we must get on right away.”

The pastor’s own son is getting married Saturday in the church.

They’re hoping the remaining AC units can keep the building cool enough with the 90 degree plus day in store.

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