City auditor fires back on electric car controversy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Marion County Auditor, Julie Voorhies, called into question funds that were distributed to Vision Fleet as part of a contract with the city of Indianapolis.

Voorhies sent a two page document to four city county councilors citing concern over payments that were made to Vision Fleet, and that they did not comply with city ordinances.

The auditors office is in consultation with outside legal counsel to determine if further action needs to be taken against the city of Indianapolis.

Vision Fleet’s CEO Michael Brylawski released a statement regarding the payments made from the city to the company:

“Vision Fleet has always acted in good faith and in compliance with all laws regarding this contract and the highly successful program it supports. To date, we have been paid back just $1.5 million of our $9 million investment in modernizing the city’s aging, inefficient fleet. We are very proud of the program that’s been in place for more than a year in Indianapolis, and we are working with stakeholders to address any concerns as we continue to operate the Freedom Fleet.

“It’s worth noting, however, that we are not politicians, and we would be grateful if those engaged in that fight would stop long enough to have a conversation about what needs to be addressed and how we can work together. This political fight is unfairly defaming our company and its reputation and imperiling a successful program. We want to solve problems and foster innovation that can be replicated in other fleets across the nation, and we are growing increasingly concerned about our ability to continue that work in Indianapolis.”

The vehicles from Vision Fleet are referred to as the ‘Freedom Fleet’ and are the replacement vehicles for older model vehicles currently in use by the city.

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