City-County Council approves 2017 budget

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The City-County County has approved a budget for 2017.

According to a release, the budget was passed with help and input from the both parties, the Mayor’s Office and the community.

Council President Maggie Lewis said the agreement reduces the deficit by $14 million.

Following the announcement of passage of the 2017 budget Mayor Hogestt released the following statement:

I want to thank forward-thinking members of the City-County Council for their bipartisan support of a bold new approach to fiscal responsibility in Indianapolis.

As a result of this vote, Indianapolis will recruit 86 new police officers, increase city support for crime prevention programming, and make substantial investments in our neighborhoods. Most importantly, we will do all of this while cutting the budget, reducing the structural deficit and protecting our Rainy Day Fund – without asking for one dime more from Indianapolis taxpayers.

I am appreciative of the leadership shown by President Maggie Lewis over the last two months, who, along with caucus leadership and committee chairs, helped send a unified message to residents that city government has truly embraced the call to do more with less on behalf of the taxpayers we serve.