City leader pushing for stop and frisk searches in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Back in 2013, a federal judge ruled that New York Police Department’s stop and frisk search tactic was unconstitutional.

The policy then allowed officers to stop and question, and even search people for guns. Those against the tactic believed the stops were not based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

Despite frustration over the policy, a New York report pointed out that 24 percent of those stopped and frisked were arrested for a violation.

Protestors in New York marched the streets until the searches were deemed unconstitutional.

Rev. Charles Harrison, with the Ten Point Coalition, is pushing for a policy similar to NYPD’s stop and frisk search tactics here in Indianapolis. Harrison’s push comes after a violent weekend where a mother and father were killed after 45 shots were fired at a gas station.

Harrison’s frustration boils over after learning, the suspect in the murder of 16-year-old Jaylen Johnson, last week is a teenager as well 16-year-old himself.

Harrison was aware that he will receive the criticism that stop and frisk search tactics have received in the past. He also acknowledged that some are concerned that the policy will give officers the freedom to practice racial profiling. He doesn’t agree with that notion.

“The police are going to racial profile our kids,” said Harrison. “These are the same kids that are killing one another. Where are your voices then? These are the same kids,” said Harrison.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department there have been 84 homicides to date. Last year at this time, there were 88 reported murders.

Harrison plans on talking to Mayor Greg Ballard about stop and frisk searches. He’s also expected to approach mayoral candidates Joe Hogsett, and Chuck Brewer about the idea.


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