College student hangs from cliff for 45 minutes

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A college student hung for 45 minutes from a root above a steep drop-off of a cliff before being aided to safety.

The Oregonian reported April Mead,19, had been hiking at Horsetail Falls with her sister on May 31 when her foot slipped and she fell off the trail and over the side of the cliff.

Meads had been hanging onto a root until passing hikers came to help. One of them was Wim Aarts, who climbed nearby trees until he reached Mead.

Aarts said Mead made the rescue easier by remaining calm.

Mead said she has healed from the incident but she still revisits it in her dreams.

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She and her rescuers plan to attend a debriefing and counseling session next week.