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Colts announce training camp schedule

Colts announce training camp schedule

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – Mark your calendars, the Indianapolis Colts start training camp July 25.

For the second consecutive year, the team will host camp at Grand Park in Westfield.

For anyone who attended training camp last year, much will be the same. That includes being able to get in free. But there are plenty of new things to check out this year as well.

Last year was fantastic for the Colts. After stepping into Grand Park for the first time, they knew they chose a good venue.

“It’s naturally designed to be very engaging for fans and spectators and visitors,” Colts Vice President of Communications Steve Campbell said. “And so that’s something that I don’t think you can get anywhere else other than Grand Park.”

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The team wouldn’t make any direct comparisons to Anderson University, which previously hosted training camp, for fear of putting down one venue, but they say now that they’re getting the grasp of how Grand Park works for training camp, they can’t see anywhere else they’d rather be for the next nine years.

“We couldn’t be more happy about the partnership that we have there for many years to come,” Colts Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Roger VanDerSnick said.

Now that they’ve seen what they can accomplish at Grand Park, the Colts are expanding upon what they’ve done in previous years, including 16 practices, 13 theme days, Colts City, and more.

To keep up with everything going on, Kerauno, the title sponsor for camp this year, set up a texting system that you can access right now by texting ColtsCamp to 55433.

“Everything from weather updates to autograph information and where players might be or scheduling,” Kerauno co-founder and CEO Josh Ross said.

Half of the training camp practices are going to be in the afternoon around 2-4 p.m., but the Colts want to make sure all fans can make it out.

“The schedule is a great mix of morning practices, afternoon, evening practices as well as some weekend activities as well, giving folks a huge opportunity to come out to camp several times and whenever their schedule permits,” VanDerSnick said. “And so we’re pleased with the variety we have.”

Just like last year, there’s a clear bag policy for fans attending. The event is free, but you still need a ticket.

More information and a link to get your free tickets can be found on the Colts website.