Indianapolis Colts

Colts battle brews between Leonard, Ebron on dance floor

Dancing at Colts camp

WESTFIELD, Ind. — The ballfield? No, No. We are looking for the ballroom. The grandest part of getting to Colts training camp early is the grooving.

The warm-ups at Westfield’s Grand Park at times provide for the most overrated moves.

Darius Leonard didn’t hesitate to make an observation.

(Eric) Ebron, definitely Ebron,” Leonard said. “Ebron thinks he can dance better than me. He’s always trying to battle me. But, he doesn’t want the smoke. He definitely doesn’t want any smoke.”

Ebron, who danced his way to 14 total touchdowns last regular season, quickly tried to clear up the situation Monday.

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“He is just jealous, and it has been that way for a while,” Ebron said. “I was hoping he would maybe grow past it this year. It is OK. Jealously, it will kill you, you know?”

Unfortunately, for the Pro-Bowl tight end, Colts head coach Frank Reich cast his ballot over the weekend.

“Well, I think Darius (Leonard) might have the best moves out there, right?” Reich said. “You know what? I like the players having a little bit of fun.”

Fun is just fine … but hold on. The head man just crowned the king of dance floor in Westfield.

That is bad news for Leonard the Maniac’s newborn daughter Mia Gabrielle, considering there is are plenty of daddy-daughter dances in her future.

“I’m only going to embarrass her a little bit,” Leonard said. “You’ve got to, it’s only right. I’ve got to make her feel a little self-conscious, make sure her friends are looking. I’m definitely ready to embarrass her.”

If this Colts conga line ends in February in Miami, you’ll see all the moves with your own eyes.