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Colts City breaths new life into Anderson

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) – Sunday was the first day of Colts training camp. For the next two weeks the team is sleeping in dorms at Anderson University.

And fans are getting an up close look at their team, and an up close look at Anderson.

“Its kind of fun, the hype and everything its kind of fun,” said Andrew Newlin.

Just like every Sunday, Newlin grilled himself a steak on his homemade grill, but today he had a few thousand new neighbors

“Just being right across the street is exciting, its fun, there’s always people driving by,” said Newlin.

Newlin lives right across the street from the Colts training camp at Anderson University. The view from his front porch is the players’ parking lot.

“Watching pretty nice cars drive by and awesome guys just waiving, saying, ‘Hi.’ I kind of feel like I have an inside glimpse to whats going on, so that’s pretty fun,” said Newlin.

The purpose of the camp is to give fans that inside glimpse into their team.

“I think my favorite part was seeing all the new players and seeing Frank Gore and everybody,” said Jalen Mayeu who was there with his family.

“Just came out here to have some fun, look at the players, meet them,” said Jaylen Cannon who was there for his birthday.

Aside from football, people also were there for fun.

“I think its definitely a good thing for the community. Kids get to come out, have a great time, and they had a lot of fun here,” said Donovan Russel.

There were corn hole games, shopping and snow cones to help beat the heat.

But as for football, they have faith in their team.

“We’re going to win the Super Bowl,” said Jacob Mayeu.

Colts City is free and open each day of training camp from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.