Colts work to make Westfield training camp fan friendly

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — The Colts say their first training camp in Westfield will be focused on the fans. 

The team released a camp schedule and gave reporters a tour of the facilities at the Grand Park Sports Complex. 

The camp, which will kick off July 15, is scheduled to feature more than a dozen open practices and three night practices. 

“We wanna give the fans what they want. And if it’s more convenient and family-friendly, we wanna give you that,” Colts Vice-Chair and Owner Carlie Irsay-Gordon said. 

The Grand Park staff is preparing three outdoor fields and an indoor space for the Colts. 

The outdoor fields will be surrounded by bleachers to seat more than 6,000 fans. 

If it rains, Irsay-Gordon said, more than 1,000 can fit inside. 

The schedule includes a Kids Day, barbecue and live music for a night practice, a free yoga class before a morning practice, an Armed Forces Day and a bike to camp day. 

Staff members are turning part of the indoor facility into a weight room. Some of the Colts’ indoor activities will not be open to the public. 

The three-week camp will conclude with two joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens. 

The Colts are in a ten year deal with Grand Park. 

Kids will also have a chance to show off their speed in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Play 60 area. 

Fans can go to the camp free of charge but they will need to get a free ticket.