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Columbus Rock Gym offers indoor community fun in cold weather

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH)– When the weather gets colder outdoors, the Columbus Rock Gym is one of the busiest places, in town and indoors, for families to enjoy.

One thing that makes this gym different is that visitors of all ages climb over a padded floor with no ropes and no harnesses.

“The most important rule, after being safe, is to have fun,” said Jorge Sanchez, the gym’s manager.

The gym offers options for birthday parties, team outings or special events. They also have a private lounge package that offers a comfortable space for party accommodations for food & drinks while your party is climbing.

Sanchez says because they are a small business in a small town, it’s important to know what the community wants.

“In the past year or so, we’ve started to integrate more community help,” Sanchez said. “We’re very lucky to be in a community that’s so tightly knit and we try to give back.”

The gym holds community events, such as competitions, park cleanups, parties and movie nights. The gym also has lots of member perks, including weight lifting, free yoga, member swaps and access to private events.

Sanchez believes those community events are a true reflection on the deeper meaning behind the sport.

“Rock climbing is definitely a community sport,” Sanchez said. “I think it just brings people together. You’re always relying on other people, not only to have fun but for your safety.”

Here’s more on the boulder competitions, personal training and other events happening at the Columbus Rock Gym.