Community Link: Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On this week’s edition of Community Link, we discuss providing better options for students once they are out of school for the day. CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis Maggie Lewis dropped by our studios to tell us about some positive options the students can participate in.

What is the mission of the Boys and Girls Club?

The club is a place for our youngsters ages 5 to 18 to come to a safe and fun environment where they will also receive help with their homework and some educational programming and also a place where they can feel safe with other young folks. 

What types of programs do you offer and how many kids do you serve a year?

We help them with their career development. We help them with healthy lifestyles. We talk about role modeling and also how to be a leader in your community. Our goal is to help them to think about the possibilities. What’s possible when they grow up. What type of careers they want to go into. How to be successful. 

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How can our viewers help and how are you supported?

So we’re currently supported by grants and donations so I’d always say we can figure out how to stretch a dollar so anything that you can give financially we would appreciate but also other kinds of donations also you can volunteer with your organization, with your sorority, your fraternity, your work group and also you can mentor a youngster. 

If you’d like more information on volunteering, click here