Community Link: Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each week in Community Link, Carolene Mays-Medley and Marco Dominguez take a look at an organization or business that is making a positive impact on the community.

Unique exhibits, hands-on experiences and Indiana’s secrets, that’s some of what you will find at the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

“We are considered more of a general museum,” said Cathy Ferree, president and CEO of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. “People don’t learn one thing or one way, so we have the great opportunity to be interdisciplinary, the arts, the sciences, history, humanities, all of those things rolled together so we can tell a full story and engage you at multiple levels.”

The museum’s best known location is at White River State Park, but Ferree said the museum actually has 12 locations across the state.

“This is a perfect time as you come to the holidays if you’re looking for something fun to do with your family, you can go as far south as Evansville to Angel Mound, you can stop in one of our mansions that are decorated for the holidays in New Albany and Madison, Indiana,” said Ferree. “It really is a fantastic opportunity to get into the holiday spirit.”

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