Conner Prairie launches ‘This is Problematic!’ podcast

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — In a new podcast, Conner Prairie is exploring some problematic issues from the past and their ramifications on Hoosiers of today.

“This is Problematic!” is hosted by Easton Phillips and Hannah Murphy, two research associates at Conner Prairie.

The podcast launched in 2022 and dives deep into different topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about.

“The idea came from research for an exhibit,” Phillips explained. “We just started hearing, ‘That’s problematic. That’s problematic. This is problematic.’ We sat there and wondered, ‘We have all this research and a background to do said research. They’re kicking around an idea to do a podcast. Why don’t we just call the podcast, “This is Problematic!” and give this stuff the voice it deserves.’”

Murphy sits across from Philips during the podcast. The two spar over historical topics and end each episode with a call to action for community members to look deeper into the topics.

“We usually end with, ‘These are ways you can personally get involved in these topics,’ because so many of them currently have modern-day ramifications that are still ongoing,” Murphy said.

Season 1 has 12 episodes of in-depth discussions with diverse guests. Topics include the problematic life of President John Tyler, the untold story of Pete Smith, a free Black man who lived in Hamilton County in 1820, and an 1893 murder that rocked the Indiana town of Winchester.

“We all bring different experiences to the table,” said Philips. While Murphy explained, “I do think it always makes our conversations more energetic and exciting.”

The co-hosts agreed they want to change the way history is told at Conner Prairie.

You can listen to the podcast on the Conner Prairie website.