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Cool and clear to finish up the weekend


Tonight’s low is 44 degrees for most of central Indiana

Saturday night looks like skies will become partly cloudy with rain free skies continuing to stay around despite the increase in clouds. Low temperatures in the mid 40s by the morning hours. Winds gusty out of the northwest at 10-20 MPH. Tonight is the peak for meteors during the Orionid Meteor Shower so if you have some free time, look to the heavens above. Up to 20 meteors per hour are expected with bright long tails. The only trouble will be seeing them past the clouds.


Wind gusts tomorrow look much weaker than Saturday was

Sunday is going to return to mostly sunny skies after a partly cloudy start to the morning hours. Rain isn’t in the forecast for us for a few days. High temperature much cooler than today at only 58 degrees in the afternoon. Wind slows down to out of the north at 5-10 MPH.


Sunday night looks like it will feature the wind staying slow and skies going to stay at mostly clear for conditions all night. Showers still unlikely and winds out of the north at 5 MPH. Low temperature in the upper 30s in larger cities but closer to freezing in more rural areas. Out there, frost is possible.


Monday features the sunshine and warmer conditions along with them towards the afternoon hours. High temperature at 66 degrees under mostly sunny skies. Wind out of the southeast at 5-10 MPH


The rest of the week eventually becomes cloudier and wet again. Showers possible as early as Wednesday afternoon and sticking around here and there throughout next weekend possibly. Temperatures will rise to the mid 70s by Tuesday but then slowly but surely cool down to a more typical temperature for this time of year.