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Cops ask lemonade stand owner to identify himself at his own store

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The owner of a high-end lemonade stand in San Francisco says cops showed up outside his store last week and asked him to identify himself after a caller reported someone breaking into the business. 

Vicktor Stevenson, owner of Gourmonade on Valencia in the Mission District, posted about the incident on Instagram on July 17, captioning the photo showing him with police in the background.  

Stevenson says he was standing outside his store on the phone with security for around 10 minutes when police showed up. 

“Someone called and said I was breaking into my establishment,” Stevenson said.

“Four cops just hopped out on me guns almost drawn took my ID at my own store. This racist thing is out of control but it won’t stop me! Living my dreams like they are golden because they are lol,” he captioned the photo.

With other similar incidents being reported in the Bay Area and around the country, people nationwide and around the world voiced their opinions on social media about the incident.

“Stay strong, brother! Keep following and realizing your dreams. Got your back here in NYC!!!” one user commented. 

“All support to you!! Greetings from Stockholm/Sweden,” another said. 

“I’m going to fly to SF from Charleston just to buy a juice from you homie. Real talk,” another commented. 

KRON4 has reached out to the San Francisco Police Department, which confirms police did show up to the scene Thursday morning. 

The department hasn’t released any other information. 

KRON4’s Michelle Kingston spoke with Stevenson who said his business is booming as a result of the incident.