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Counties prepare for drifting snow, bitter cold

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Less than 24 hours after the first significant snowfall, I-65 is clear in Boone County.

But off the interstate, some of the roads don’t look same.

On County Road 450 East, snow covered the road. However, once the wind picks up the snow will start drifting making it more difficult to drive down the road.

“The trees kind of protect us, but we get plowed in pretty good,” said Brad Scweibold of Boone County.

While checking on roads, 24-Hour News 8 found Scweibold who lives off 450 East. He used a three wheeler to clear the snow off his driveway. Scweibold said now all he and his family can do is wait.

“Normally the neighbors pitch in and bring a few trucks over; we manage. The driveway is not a problem, it’s the road,” Scweibold said.

In Hamilton County, officials are monitoring the bitter cold temperatures.

“Stay indoors. Stay warm,” said Thomas Sivak with Hamilton County Emergency Management.

Sivak said they are watching the weather closely the next few days.

“Tonight, our main concern is the wind chill advisory. The winds are going to start picking up. If you have to travel, use extra caution (be)cause now that the wind is picking up, you are going to have snow drifting and that could create some hazardous conditions,” Sivak said. “This evening our travel advisory is still in effect; it’s going to stay in effect until the wind dies down. Tomorrow what we are concerned about is the wind chill warning which is going to start at 10 a.m. We’re focusing all of our preparedness efforts making sure we have all of our ducks in a row when it comes to working with our partner agencies.”

Sivak said they have been in communication with the Red Cross and making sure if there is a large scale power outage, Hamilton County Emergency Management will be working with them to identify shelter opportunities.

“The travel advisory is for roads owned and operated by Hamilton County. One of the main concerns we have when you get into the open areas of Hamilton County, the drifting of the snow and that’s our major concern. All of our plow crews, highway crews are all out; working diligently to make sure they are clear, but when that wind picks up and it blows that snow it creates drifts all over the county and open areas, especially in the flat line area,” said Sivak.

Right now there is one power outage reported in Hamilton County. If drivers have an emergency, they are urged to call 9-1-1; if it’s not life threatening they should call 317-773-1282.