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2 donated sculptures stolen from White River State Park

Donated sculptures stolen from state park

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana State Capitol Police want your help to find who stole two donated sculptures from White River State Park.

Capitol Police tell News 8 someone stole two metal sculptures that stood in White River State Park, near New York Street, for at least the last couple of years.

Police believe the sculptures were stolen from the Environmental Trail sometime between Feb. 6 and 8.

“It makes me angry. It makes me angry that somebody would be so deceiving,” said Officer Floyd Gibson with Capitol Police.

The monarch butterfly and a bird in a nest sculptures were donated to Indiana as part of an environmental outreach initiative called the DaVinci Pursuit. That’s why the sculptures were placed outside for people to enjoy. Now, they’re gone.

“Someone put a lot of work and effort into these to make them available for the public to enjoy. It’s a shame someone has to destroy state property and steal from the citizens of Indiana,” Gibson said.

If you look closely, you can see where someone ripped one of the statues right off the post where it stood.

“lt’s still asinine when I think about it. I’m like, wow,” said Faith Montgomery, who lives near the sculptures.

The stolen sculptures are each the size of a basketball and weigh less than 10 pounds, according to Police.

The thing is, the sculptures aren’t even terribly valuable. They’re made of black, cold-rolled steel.

“I don’t believe the value would be worth a whole lot,” Gibson explained.

Nevertheless, people who live around here hope.

“I hope they get found, and I hope I get to see them,” said Andrew Marlatt, who lives in Indianapolis.

Until then, here’s what Capitol Police say to whoever stole the sculptures: “You’ve stolen from the state and you’ve stolen from the citizens of Indiana. If they’d just bring them back.”

Capitol Police Detective Charles Meneely asks anyone with any information about this theft to contact him at 317-234-2131.  Anonymous tips will be accepted.


4 children taken to hospital after car crashes into Pennsylvania day care center

 (CNN) — Four children were injured after a woman crashed her car through the window of a day care center classroom, according to Pennsylvania authorities.

The black BMW traveled all the way through one classroom of the Children of America Educational Childcare center before stopping at a back wall, the Bucks County Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Four children were taken to the hospital, one of whom suffered serious injuries, the statement said.

“The driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries, was treated and remains hospitalized,” it said.

The crash is under investigation, according to James O’Malley, the spokesperson for the district attorney’s office. He told CNN the woman was working as a delivery driver.

At the time of the crash — about 1:30 p.m. — there were about 17 children inside that room and about 79 total in the building .

All of the children have been accounted for and reunited with their families, the statement said.