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'Operation: Garage Band' results in 24 charged after Indianapolis drug bust

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Twenty-four people have now been charged in connection to a drug bust, the United States Attorney's Office announced Thursday.

On Wednesday, law enforcement officials from several organizations served a number of search warrants in the Haughville neighborhood. The bust ended in the arrest of 22 people on a number of drug and firearms charges.

People federally charged in the bust included:

  • Jshaun Trice, 31, Indianapolis
  • Terrence Stum, 35, Indianapolis
  • Demetrick Holder, 20, Indianapolis
  • Darryl Allen, 35, Indianapolis
  • Eric Bard, 33, Indianapolis
  • Dustin Manuel, 30, Indianapolis
  • Kelvin Washington, 34, Indianapolis
  • Gerald Hoskins, 23, Indianapolis
  • Devin Jones, 28, Indianapolis
  • Adrian Myles, 40, Indianapolis
  • Christopher Hill, 30, Indianapolis
  • Robert Hadley, 48, Indianapolis
  • Danny Jenkins, 47, Indianapolis
  • Antonio McClure, 37, Indianapolis
  • James Gibson, 33, Indianapolis
  • Carlo Payne, 39, Indianapolis
  • Thomas Acord, 30, Bloomington
  • Alton Brown Sr., 53, Indianapolis
  • Steven Savage, 29, Indianapolis
  • Derrick O’Connor, 52, Indianapolis
  • Melissa Kidwell, 39, Indianapolis
  • Jacqueline Huffman, 40, Indianapolis
  • Jacob Jones, 30, Indianapolis
  • Sheridan Sisk, 37, Indianapolis

Of those charged in the bust, Dustin Manuel, Devin Jones, Antonio McClure and Alton Brown have not been taken into custody.

In addition to the arrests, officers seized 40 firearms, $155,000 in cash, three vehicles, heroin, fentanyl, meth, cocaine and marijuana.

Police made several of the arrests Wednesday after they raided homes on the 700 block of Arnolda Avenue. News 8 cameras captured investigators carrying evidence to their vehicles. 

"It's going to get this off the streets," Haughville local Leslie Beagle said. "Indiana already has enough problems as it is. We need to get the drugs off the system and get everybody back to work and doing things the right way."

Police seized more than 500 grams of drugs, according to U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler. 

Minkler said the drug money seized will be shared among law enforcement agencies. 

"This drug trafficking organization will actually pay for the investigation that resulted in their arrest," Minkler said. 

The U.S. attorney for the Indianapolis district said police used surveillance, phone wire taps and search warrants in the eight-month investigation. He said, in some cases, people who bought the drugs were secretly working for police. 

"All the typical things we use to dismantle a cartel-level organization," he said. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said the people arrested are responsible for thousands of crimes. 

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