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3 Muncie officers indicted in excessive force case

3 Muncie officers indicted in excessive force case

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Three Muncie police officers have been indicted in an excessive force case.

Officers Chase Winkle, Jeremy Gibson and Joe Krejsa have been indicted in the case.

According to a source close to the case, the officers are being charged related to the use of excessive force.

Winkle faces nine charges,

Winkle is charged with depriving four suspects of their rights to be free from excessive force resulting in bodily injury and writing false reports about his use of force against those four suspects and two additional suspects, according to the indictment.

The indictment alleges Winkle’s actions resulted in one of these suspects suffering serious injuries and another suspects being knocked unconscious.

Gibson is charged with one count of violating for depriving an suspect of his right to be free from excessive force by stomping on and delivering knee strikes to the suspect’s head, which resulted in bodily injury and involved the use of a dangerous weapon.

Krejsa is charged with two counts of violating for writing false reports related to two of Winkle’s excessive force incidents. On one occasion, Krejsa is accused of minimizing the level of force used by Winkle during one arrest and on another occasion falsely representing that a different sergeant cleared Winkle of his use of force when it was actually Krejsa who conducted that review, according to court documents.

The city of Muncie says that Winkle was placed on unpaid suspension in February. Gibson and Krejsa will be placed on administrative leave, according to the city.

On Mar. 12, another Muncie officer, Sgt. Jess Neal, was charged in a separate case related to the ongoing fraud investigation in the city.