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Auto repair shop owner helps church get back stolen electronics

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A pulpit and organ are what come to mind when you usually think of church but what about all the other equipment that is necessary? Such as cameras, computers and electronics.

For one church on the west side, those items were taken, to the amount of more than $4,000.

“May God have mercy on him. Surely he didn’t know what he was doing. If he knew that nobody steals from God, he would’ve done better,” said Dr. Sedun Rasaki, chairman of the Celestial Church of Christ Hephzibah Cathedral.

The burglary happened around 10 a.m. Monday, at the Celestial Church of Christ on 18th Street in Indianapolis, according to a police report from Indianapolis Metropolitan police.

But little did he know that someone else was watching. The culprit was caught on the church cameras.

The church staff recognized his face because he had just attended church service two weeks ago. The church had even helped him out by providing groceries, water and more than $200.

“We can only pray for him, that God should touch his heart and let him know that’s not the way of life,” Rasaki said.

According to the police report, the suspect wound up less than a mile away from the church. The police report states that suspect tried to sell the church’s stolen items to an auto repair shop.

That repair shop’s owner, Dan Parker, felt something wasn’t right. Parker opened the laptop and saw a clue on the screen.

“It was actually the church’s website, that they were in the middle of developing,” said Parker, who owns Mobile Garage Indy. Parker immediately called the church.

The church officials came, as well as the police. Because of Parker’s quick actions, almost all of the items were returned to the church.

“It feels pretty good. Good that they got their stuff back,” Parker said.

The church said their stolen digital camera lens is still out there, somewhere. But they are more than thankful, and there’s forgiveness in their hearts.

“Surely, we have forgiven him and God will surely forgive him,” Prophet Deji Nunayon, lead pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ Hephzibah Cathedral, said.

The police report said IMPD arrested the suspect for burglary.