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Autopsy report released to family of Dreasjon Reed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The autopsy report for Dreasjon Reed, the man killed during what police call an exchange of gunfire three months ago, has been released to Reed’s family.

The special prosecutor in the case, Rosemary Khoury, had tried to keep the autopsy report sealed until she finished her investigation. Wednesday morning a Marion County judge ordered her to hand it over to Reed’s family, just one hour before the family was expected to publicly demand it.

Minutes after seeing her son’s autopsy report, the pain in Demetree Wynn’s face was clear. She had waited three months for the report.

“The fabrication is real,” Wynn said. “Everything someone has told you other than coming from myself or my attorney is a complete lie, you can try if you want to, but you cannot do what you did to my son and tell me it was right.”

Wynn knows how her son died, he was shot on May 6 by a police officer after a high-speed chase that ended in a field on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Her emotions are still very raw.

“And if you are OK with it let me do it to your son and I’m going to show you how it feels,” said Wynn.

Wynn has already described some of her son’s injuries. The answer to why he was shot is still under investigation.

Special prosecutor Khoury issued a statement saying, “We fully anticipate the family attorney will adhere to the confidentiality requirements set forth by Indiana code that prohibits the release of certain information contained in the report.”

Reed family attorney Fatima Johnson says this is the first document related to Dreasjon’s death that has been turned over to them.

“We will review the report and we will review the law and we will made a determination accordingly, because if we were passive in this, if we went by what everyone told us their interpretation of the law, we wouldn’t be here today,” said Johnson.

Reed’s family is frustrated and they feel the investigation has taken too long.

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