Blackburn case serves as tragic home safety reminder

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Authorities are using the Blackburn case as a tragic reminder for everyone to look at safety in their own homes. Prosecutors say it’s all about taking steps to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Prosecutors believe the suspects first burglarized two homes then moved on to rob the Blackburn residence. They believe Blackburn, as well as one other victim had an unlocked door.

They are using this as a chance to stress the importance of basic home security and to start with locking the doors to a home.

Tuesday was a good day for yard work. Jerome Armon enlisted the help of his grandsons, who live with him on Sunnyfield Court, the same street as Blackburn.

“It’s wonderful being here. Everybody is nice and wonderful. Everybody is wonderful,” Armon explained.

But after the sun goes down, Armon’s garage door will also go down.

“I’m scared to leave the garage door open right now without somebody standing out there. After that, we lock up. Tight,” said Armon.

In addition to locking up, Armond also installed a surveillance system.

“You can watch everyone that comes in and everyone that goes out. It’s only one way in, so I feel a little bit safe with the security cameras,” said Armon.

He’s not alone. After the death of Blackburn less than two weeks ago, neighbors have beefed up security. Countless yards have signs that warn of surveillance systems or a dog guarding the premises.

But aside from the basics of locking the doors, investing in an alarm system or buying a guard dog, the Marion County Prosecutor’s office wants residents to know that they have a service in place to reduce crime.

“We will literally come to your house upon your request and do an audit of your home. In terms of how you could better use lighting, how you could better utilize landscaping adn other steps you can take to minimize the possibility that you’re going to be a victim of these sort of crimes,” said Prosecutor Terry Curry.

It’s a free service, that Curry says, in some cases, could have saved lives.

“There is something that has been done that has allowed the perpetrator to engage in this crime. If the individual had just taken a couple extra steps, it might’ve prevented it,” said Curry.

It’s important to note that in the first two burglaries, the victim’s did have surveillance systems which did not deter the suspects and not all crimes can be prevented.

But, the prosecutor’s office is hoping to reduce the number of home invasions with its service.

To schedule a home inspection, or for  more information, contact the prosecutor’s office at 317-327-3522 or click here.

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