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Broad Ripple neighborhood finds cars vandalized with sexual drawings, racial slurs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People in Broad Ripple want to know who left sexual drawings and racial slurs on parked vehicles.

It was a vandalism case that swept through their parking lot Monday night.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, multiple cars were vandalized in this neighborhood near the North College Avenue and 64th Street intersection.

Residents say, luckily, with the help of police, they easily removed the drawings from their cars.

Credo Adjofogue, a resident, said, he and his neighbors discovered racial slurs and sexual content on their car windows. “I just say maybe someone who’s crazy could do something like that.”

Julian Derosas, another resident, said, “I would say it was pretty good. Usually when I see those kinds of things it’s pretty sloppy.”

Indianapolis police say they got a report about the vandalism around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“I wake up early in the morning to work around to work and the first thing I do I say let me start my car and then I was like, ‘What is this?” Adjofoque said.

Derosas says it didn’t take long before police officers and neighbors took out their wipes and cleaned the vehicles. Derosas believes the criminal may have gone through the neighborhood while people were asleep.

“When they saw me getting wipes out of my car they actually started wiping everyone else’s cars,” Derosas said.

“I was kind of disturbed at first and then I kind of felt like I kind of wanted to start laughing because I started looking at everyone else’s cars and my car didn’t really didn’t take as much,” Derosas said.

Police officers say right now they don’t have any suspects but that they will continue to canvas the area.

Credo says he won’t let the vandalism disturb his peace.

He said, “The money is not the problem. I think life is beautiful. People are supposed to give love to other people.”

Anyone with any information or surveillance footage is encourged to contact IMPD.

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