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CrimeDoor app gives new look at Delphi double homicide case, nearly 4 years later

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) — An app called CrimeDoor is the latest tool that some hope will help will solve the murders of Delphi teens Libby German and Abby Williams.

Thousands of people across the country have now seen the clip of the murder suspect walking on the bridge near where the girls were killed and heard him say the words “guys … down the hill.”

The founders of CrimeDoor have made it possible for users to spend time walking through the scene through an augmented reality feature. It allows them to see victims’ bodies and parts of the rooms or areas where crimes were committed.

The app features hundreds of unsolved cases, each one with its own profile, evidence and facts.

Founders Neil and Lauren Mandt said sometimes seeing things in 3D can bring back memories that could help solve cases.

“This allows a perspective that has never been offered the average person,” said Neil Mandt.

“As we populate and we release these new profiles every day we are constantly building and the app will continue to be better for users to search, search by location by type of crime,” said Lauren Mandt.

They also reached out to experts for help, including cold case investigator Paul Holes, known for his role in solving the Golden State Killer Case.

“We live in a three-dimensional world, that’s how we’re used to seeing things. Yet, when you put out composites or a still image, that’s two dimensions. So if people do think of something after going to the CrimeDoor app and seeing Abby and Libby on the railroad trestle with this man and they have a thought, I can guarantee law enforcement is going to follow up on that,” said Holes.

The Mandts said victims’ families are also a useful tool in making sure they set the scene correctly. They were excited to work with Libby’s sister, Kelsi German, on the project.

The death of Libby German greatly impacted Kelsi German, so much so that she changed her course of study in school to psychology of forensics.

“I found my passion for helping others in the true crime community. Everything I continue to do for them, for the girls, is gonna get us to our ultimate goal and that is answers and justice for Abby and Libby,” said Kelsi German.

News 8 also reached out to Indiana State Police for comment on the app and on Friday night had not heard back.

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