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Customer helps foil $4,000 shoplifting spree at Greenwood Park Mall

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) - Police said they have arrested two women after their mall shoplifting spree Saturday turned downright violent. 

The alleged thieves were accused of using pepper spray and their vehicle as weapons once they were confronted by witnesses. Residents were relieved to hear that police caught them.

Greenwood Park Mall is busy, and there is no shortage of Christmas cheer coming from store employee Jade Lynn Fentress.

"We try our best working at a children's store. We try our best to be positive and always have a welcoming smile," Fentress said.

But, joy was just one thing stolen in Saturday's incident. Police said they believe 29-year-old Dominique Sheridan and 44-year-old Tina Rabiu went inside Sears and stole three carts filled with merchandise totaling more than $4,000.

"That's insane. The fact that they were even able to load the cart up with that much money and think they can get out of the store is appalling," Fentress said.

Shoppers thought so, too. One man followed the women out of the store and called security. When security tried to stop them from loading the stuff into their car, investigators said, Rabiu sprayed the man using pepper spray. 

"Wow. That's insane. I didn't realize that it escalated to a dangerous situation," said Jeff Miner, who works nearby.

Police said Sheridan then got behind the wheel and ran over the security guard's foot and then hit another shopper causing her to land on the car's hood. Witnesses said Sheridan drove about 9 feet before the woman fell off of the car. 

An off-duty officer arrested both Rabiu and Sheridan after seeing them speed off. No serious injuries were reported, and the merchandise was returned.

As for the holiday joy, that has yet to be restored. "It's not really that jolly of the year," Fentress said.

Greenwood police said they will hand the case over to the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges will be filed. 

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