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Dad says final goodbye to son fatally wounded in hit-and-run

Dad says final goodbye to son fatally wounded in hit-and-run

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Indianapolis family is searching for answers after saying their final goodbyes to their 19-year-old son, who died Sunday after an Oct. 4 hit-and-run crash.

The family of Andrew Talbott is devastated but says the pain won’t stop them from getting justice for their son and catching the person who drove off after hitting him on his bicycle.

Dad says final goodbye to son fatally wounded in hit-and-run

“Before he did leave to go home, he did say, ‘Dad, I love you. I’ll be back.’ That was the last thing I heard from him or saw him,” said Shown Talbott, Andrew’s father.

Andrew Talbott. (Provided Photo/Talbott Family)

Just moments after Shown Talbott said goodbye to his son in a hospital bed at Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. He sat down with News 8 to share his last memories of his 19-year-old son Andrew.

“He was a little responsive cause I would hold his hand I am like ‘Andrew, if you can hear me, son, squeeze daddy’s hand,’ and he did. And I did it again to make sure it was him responding to me and he did. At least he knows that I was there at the end with him,” says Talbott.

Andrew Talbott. (Provided Photo/Talbott Family)

The brain damage from the crash was too severe for Andrew to survive.

“I had that feeling, as a father sensing him, I felt my son was in trouble,” says Talbott.

The family says Andrew was on his way home from visiting his dad near Morris Street and Plainfield Avenue when police say the car hit Andrew and drove off.

“That’s cold-hearted, just to leave a 19-year-old son on the side of the road, somebody’s son just to die,” says Talbott.

Signs now sit where Andrew’s body was found hours after the accident happened. While Andrew’s life may have been cut short his family says their fight is just beginning.

The Talbott family placed a sign at the location where Andrew was hit and killed. (Provided Photo/Talbott Family)

“I’m always watching because I live right where the accident happened. So I always am going to be looking and watching. Everybody is,” says Talbott.

Right now, police have little to go on. There’s no description of a suspect or a vehicle. The family says they have decided to donate Andrew’s organs in hopes of giving someone else another shot at life.

Anyone with information on what this incident is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.