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Docs: Man threatened shooting at Gleaners after break-up

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man faces felony charges after being accused of threatening a shooting at Gleaners Food Bank. Investigators say he was upset after learning that the mother of his child was seeing a new man.

Rodrigo Limon, 25, faces three felony counts of intimidation in the case. Investigators say they’ve discovered hundreds of messages where he stated he was going to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new romantic partner at the food bank.

Gleaners shut down on Sept. 22 following the threats.

According to court documents, Limon’s ex-girlfriend spoke with police when they arrived at Gleaners to investigate. She showed them between 100 and 300 text messages she had received since Sept. 19 where Limon made threats to commit a shooting at Gleaners and kill her new romantic partner, as well as using racial slurs when talking about him.

She told police she had broken up with Limon in April and he learned about her new partner on Sept. 19.

She also met with him at a park on the day prior to Gleaners being shut down.

“If you keep seeing or texting him, I’m going to shoot that mother f*****,” he told her, according to court documents. “It p***** me off.”

According to court documents, a member of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office detained Limon outside of the woman’s Greenwood residence later on Sept. 22. Limon had a handgun in his waistband, according to investigators.

Limon had an initial hearing on Tuesday and returns to court in January.