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Evansville nursing facility CFO charged for felony theft

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The CFO of Bethel Manor, an Evansville rehab and nursing facility, is accused of stealing $46,500 from the facility by reloading her personal Target card with company money.

59-year-old Victoria Alcorn is facing four felony theft charges.

According to court papers obtained by News 8, in March, the CEO of Bethel Manor contacted the Evansville Police Department in reference to a long time employee stealing from the company.

Alcorn worked at Bethel Manor for 18 years as the office manager. Her title had recently changed to CFO, according to the CEO. He told police Alcorn’s job responsibilities remained the same through the transition.

“Victoria was in charge of running payroll, maintaining employee files, and overseeing accounts payable,” a probable cause affidavit said.

Court papers say the company discovered Alcorn was reloading her Target gift card in increments of $500 from a company account.

Initially, the CEO discovered two occurrences of the reloading. He asked Alcorn about the discovery through email.

“Those are mine that I owe the company. I needed to send my girls money to buy groceries and it was easier to put it on a gift card for them to use. I have done it before and paid it back with a check,” Alcorn said in an email reply to the CEO.

This prompted the CEO to take a closer look at the company’s accounts. He discovered Alcorn had reloaded her Target card about 39 times, equaling about $20,000.

“He did not locate any corresponding reimbursements from Victoria,” the affidavit said.

The CEO later discovered Alcorn had used the company’s Amazon account to purchase about $8,500 worth of personal items, including a laptop, toilet paper, a dish set, and a mattress.

Several of the items had been shipped to Alcorn’s daughter’s home in Nashville.

Additionally, Alcorn raised her own annual salary from $92,000 to $97,000.

Alcorn went to the police department to be interviewed.

She told police the CEO said he “trusted her to go ahead and give herself a raise,” the affidavit said.

Alcorn said multiple people had access to the accounts connected to the stolen gift cards and that she had not used the cards to make purchases for her family.

The CEO compiled receipts or orders related to personal purchases Alcorn had likely made, equaling about $12,000.

The cumulative total Alcorn is accused of stealing is about $46,500.

She was arrested Friday and bonded out of the Vanderburgh County Jail on Monday.

Alcorn is set to appear in court Aug. 29, online court records show.

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