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Expansion of IMPD gun checks into Fishers pays off, chief says

Fishers, Indiana, tracks guns connected to crimes

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — A gun initiative from the Fishers Police Department is paying big dividends.

Leaders in the Hamilton County city hope the results will help all of Central Indiana.

Since February, any gun that officers come across that could be connected to a crime has been run through the national ballistics database and tested for DNA.

Of the 60 guns tested in less than 8 months, 26 have come back with positive hits. That’s more than 40 percent.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department follows the same procedure.

Fishers Police Chief Edward Gebhart said, “We can help with some of the crime that is happening in Indianapolis. Crime is being reduced by (IMPD) Chief (Bryan) Roach, but we want to help, we want to be neighbors, we want to be regional leaders and help out in any way we can. I think this won’t just help out Indianapolis, but the state of Indiana.”

The Fishers police chief said the procedure isn’t done for people lawfully carrying their guns or just pulled over for speeding or another infraction.

Also, other Hamilton County police departments are getting on board. Next month, Fishers is holding a training event and inviting other nearby jurisdictions.