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Gunfire at Pacers Athletic Center in Westfield shocks families

Families react to gunfire at Pacers Athletic Center

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Families at the Pacers Athletic Center on the Grand Park Sports Campus were shocked to hear about gunfire in the parking lot.

They called Westfield a normally quiet area.

Westfield Police Department reported on social media that shots were fired just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot, but no one was hurt. Police have not shared information on a motive or suspect in the shooting, and declined to talk with News 8 on Monday during their investigation.

Families visiting the facility on Monday night say the shooting left them nervous.

“I was a little uneasy. My wife and I talked about it today you know,” said Blake Pedigo, a Noblesville parent. “As a parent, you never think that’s going to happen in your community, especially here right, in the Westfield area, but it can happen anywhere, so we just have to roll with it. We can’t let fear control us.”

Jamie Crittendon, an Indianapolis mother, decided to stay to watch her son Kylan, instead of just dropping him off Monday. She echoed the concerns of Pedigo who also stayed with his kids today.

“It was kind of surreal, I guess, for me because you feel so safe here. You’re in Westfield,” Crittendon said. “There’s so many lights and people.”

News 8 obtained video from inside the facility after the shots rang out. We blurred the video because it shows minors, but viewers can see people running inside after the shots were fired outside, and then players and families quickly leaving the court. 

The shooting did not stop people from coming back to the Pacers Athletic Center.

“I mean, as a parent, you’re always a little uneasy, right? But, you just trust that the community is going to step up and the police are going to step up, and, obviously, they’re here, and we feel safe that they are here and I think they will do the right thing,” Pedigo said.

“I feel safe here,” Kylan Crittendon said. “I know there are a lot of cops protecting this area but when I heard it I was just like, ‘Woah, didn’t think about that.’ It was kind pf just mind-blowing.”

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