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Former IMPD sergeant shares doubts in police reform initiative

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A former Indianapolis police sergeant says he has doubts about Mayor Joe Hogsett’s latest police reform initiative.

Chris Wilburn spent nearly 15 years working for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and saw several policy changes. However, he fears now that words on paper may not be enough to implement real change. 

Hogsett on Monday said he will initiate an independent review of protests and riots in the city from late May into early June. The review will look at the city’s processes for public safety and criminal justice with plans to focus on prevention over enforcement.

He also will start a partnership with New York University to bring together added data and create a “new path forward” in criminal justice in the city with “equitable treatment under the law.”

Wilburn said he likes focusing on prevention, but doubts a program that worked in Camden, New Jersey, will work in Indianapolis.

“We bring someone from way in New York City. If that doesn’t make you itch, then you have to say like ‘Whoa, OK, OK, who have you talked to? I guess we’ve talked to everyone here. Nobody can do it but them.’ If that’s the case, then I will accept that. I’ll take my medicine and I’ll apologize, but I don’t think that’s true. I’ve sat in those meetings,” Wilburn said.

He believes the city should give people who live in Indianapolis a seat at the table. He also thinks there is an opportunity to use the current police budget to create new positions instead of new policies.

Wilburn has created a hashtag on his personal social media accounts: #dotruth. He told News 8 now that he has the platform, he will continue speaking on these issues.