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IMPD adds patrols, stops more drivers after 8 traffic fatalities along 38th Street

INDIANANAPOLIS (WISH) — In just the past four months, eight people have died because of reckless driving along 38th Street.

On Thursday, Indianapolis police added extra enforcement to the area to deter dangerous driving.

Police said the goal was enforcement and education, not to just hand out tickets.

North District Commander Michael Wolley for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said, on top of the deaths, there have also been several crashes, injuries and damaged property along the stretch of road.

“Why we’re here specifically on 38th Street, we’ve had eight fatalities just since May and that’s an alarming rate,” Wolley said.

News 8 explored the issue just last week with neighbors and Indianapolis City-Council Councilor John Barth, who told us then that speeding and racing seemed to become popular during the pandemic.

IMPD is trying to help by using three methods. The first is prevention, which includes visible officers along the road to eliminate reckless driving. Next is enforcement, or stopping any drivers who are breaking laws. Finally comes education and reminding drivers of consequences that could result in dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

After responding to a crash involving a baby on 38th Street on Sunday, IMPD Officer Tiffany Mastin hopes people think twice before driving too fast.

“I’m a mom. It just makes you go home and squeeze your kids a little tighter. Nothing prevents me from being the next person that’s involved in a car accident. The last thing I want is to say that I didn’t do anything to prevent it,” Mastin said.

Wolley said speeding and reckless driving is happening all across the city and that IMPD will continue to target problem areas as needed. He added it is also a trend departments are seeing nationwide.