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Hogsett: IMPD to have ‘body-worn cameras,’ create use of force review board with civilians

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Members of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will soon wear body cameras and civilians will help review use of force by police.

The move was announced during the press conference. The announcement comes days after two fatal officer-involved shootings.

Deployment will of the cameras will begin in the summer with full department-wide deployment in the coming months, according to Mayor Joe Hogsett. According to the mayor’s office, implemenatation will begin in the third quarter of 2020, with the goal of outfitting 100 officers a week with the body cameras.

In announcing the implementation of body cameras, Hogsett said both the community and IMPD “deserve body-worn cameras.”

Additionally, Hogsett announced the creation of a new board to look at police use of force, which will look at tasings, physical altercations as well as shootings. While that board will include officers, it will also include members of the community. Civilian members of the board will be appointed by the chief of police, with one nominated by the mayor’s office, the president of the City Council and one nomination from members of IMPD.

The mayor’s office said that in order for civilians to be members of this new board they will have had to complete several steps.

Sean Reed was shot and killed following a pursuit with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Reed streamed the chase on Facebook Live. Police say Reed and an IMPD officer exchanged gunfire.

Hours later, IMPD shot and killed burglary suspect McHale Rose. IMPD says Rose fired a shotgun at officers. Police also believe he may have called 911 in an attempt to ambush officers.


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