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Indiana State Police leader on Delphi murders: ‘I wish we could tell people what we know’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The head of Indiana State Police sat down with News 8 to answer questions about gaps in the murder investigation of two teen girls in Delphi in 2017.

This weekend marks five years since Abby Williams and Libby German were killed on a trail.

It’s a mystery that remains unsolved, and one that Superintendent Doug Carter said still haunts him. However, Carter also said, he believes an arrest will be made eventually.

“I wish we could tell people and literally the world what we know and one day we will be able to, but today is not that day,” Carter said.

The list of what Indiana State Police say they know and what the public wants to know keeps growing.

In the five years since the girls were killed, we’ve seen two sketches of possible suspects, heard a recording from Libby’s cellphone and, most recently, learned about a social media profile named “anthony_shots.”

Court documents uncovered by News 8 in December say Kegan Kline admitted to creating and using the account to get more than 100 sexual pictures and videos of underage girls. Kline has not been charged in the girls’ murders; in fact, no one has. Kline is in the Miami County Jail awaiting trial. He faces 30 counts including child solicitation and possession of child porn.

Kline admitted he created the “anthony_shots” account in February 2017 just 12 days after the girls were murdered. But, he wasn’t arrested until more than three years later.

News 8 asked Carter how that was allowed to happen and why it took nearly five years to tell people about the “anthony_shots” account.

“I will just simply say that we have gleaned a tremendous amount of information over five years and if there was any meaningful reason to talk about it or act on it, we would have,” Carter said.

News 8 also asked Carter about a 2019 press conference when he said that “the killer could be in this room.” Does he believe investigators have interviewed this person?

“I’m not gonna go there. I don’t think that would be proper for me to do that. But, I do think that the killer will be watching this interview,” Carter said.

What would Carter say to the killer?

“What the family says. Today could be the day; sleep well. Today could be today. Maybe it’s tomorrow,” Carter said.

News 8 also asked Carter if he believes an arrest will be made one year from now.

“You all are very creative when you ask me questions. Personally, I am very critical of myself and I certainly hope that by the time my run here ends that there’s an arrest made. I think it will be before that, and that’s all,” Carter said.

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