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Indy politicians, community leaders react to Halloween party mass shooting

One dead, nine injured in shooting overnight/Local politicians, community leaders react to violent party

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Local politicians and community leaders are reacting to a violent weekend where a mass shooting at a Halloween party left a teenage girl dead and nine other people injured.

Frustrated. Angry. Troubling.

These are just some of the words local leaders used to describe the most recent mass shooting in Indianapolis, as many called for change and justice to curb gun violence.

“The city is really in a public safety crisis, and what’s troubling is the shooters keep getting younger and younger,” Rev. Charles Harrison, president of the Indy Ten Point Coalition, said.

Harrison is once again speaking out on the need for parent and community support to stop the rise in youth gun violence.

“I think if we want to prevent what happened this morning, the question becomes for those of us who are parents like myself, ‘Why are we allowing our children to be out at 12 o’clock in the morning?’” asked Harrison. “Police and other community groups cannot be babysitters for your children; you have to parent your child.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett shared a statement with News 8 after the mass shooting, saying in part: “There are far too many guns in the hands of those who have no business having them, and shocking violence is too often the result. IMPD is investigating and will hold fully accountable those who have chosen to settle disagreements with firearms.”

Rick Snyder, the president of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, called for “criminal control.”

In a statement provided to News 8, Snyder said in part, “Accountability needs to occur for violent criminals, prohibited possessors, and those who enable them.”

Jefferson Shreve, Republican candidate for mayor of Indianapolis, echoed Snyder’s sentiments.

“There has to be consequences to this serial gun violence, Shreve said. “Kids shouldn’t have handguns in their pockets, and they ought to know if they pull it out to solve some little scrap, there are consequences. We’ve gotta close this revolving door.”

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