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IPS: Student brings loaded handgun to Arsenal Tech High School

Arsenal Tech student arrested with loaded handgun

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department had a student in custody for bringing a loaded handgun onto school property.

The school district has not said what the student intended to do with that gun. 

The front gates at Arsenal Technical High School on East Michigan Street between Oriental Street and State Avenue are kept closed during school hours. On Thursday, a security guard met every car coming and going at the property.

News 8 talked to two students who as they left campus for lunch. They said the student who was arrested did not have the gun outside his backpack. They said it wasn’t like he was waving the gun around and running up and down the hallway. They said no sense of danger existed Thursday morning because school police got the student and everyone went to class.  

The two students who talked to News 8 were very matter-of-fact about what happened. They said a classmate bringing a loaded gun to school is rare, but they both feel safe at school.

Kamaron Lockwod says he lives right across the street from Arsenal Tech’s main entrance. He is more than a little concerned. “It is kind of a bummer. I feel like there has been a lot of desperation in the community lately. It makes me a little bit nervous because I have seen more interaction with people coming up on porches and just doing unusual stuff. It’s kind of sad to see in the youth.” 

Indianapolis Public Schools said in a statement that the student was arrested for having a loaded gun at school.

“Indianapolis Public Schools is aware that a student at Arsenal Tech was arrested for having a loaded handgun on campus this morning before classes started. The incident, which was handled swiftly by IPS Police, is also being handled under our Student Code of Conduct policy and Indiana laws regarding firearm possession on school property. All students are safe and in classes learning. IPS will continue to keep the safety of all students at the forefront of their educational experience.”

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