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ISP releases statement on delayed Kegan Kline arrest, ‘anthony_shots’ profile

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana State Police have released a statement on the delayed arrest in a child porn case that may be connected to the murders of Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German near Delphi.

News 8 began asking questions after ISP asked for tips on Dec. 6 regarding social media profiles using the name “anthony_shots” online.

The next morning, News 8 discovered that a man named Kegan Kline had been connected to the account in the days following the murder of Williams and German in 2017. Court documents filed in Miami County show he was charged for child porn and other crimes in 2020. Kline has not been directly connected in the murders of Williams and German.

To date, investigators have not explained why it took more than three years for Kline to be charged in the child porn case. Investigators have also not explained how the “anthony_shots” profile may have interacted with Williams or German.

On Monday morning, ISP released this statement:

The Indiana State Police has received many media inquiries since our December 6th press release concerning “anthony_shots” and eventually the identification of Kegan Kline. Your questions are certainly relevant as they relate to a long, complex, and extremely complicated murder investigation.

During the last nearly five years, we have conducted dozens of secondary investigations based on information we received. One of those investigations included a Possession of Child Pornography case resulting in the arrest of Kegan Kline. The information we had, have, and continue to receive concerning Kline has ebbed and flowed over these last few years. We understand there was a period of time that passed between 2017 and 2020 when Kline was not arrested and incarcerated for Possession of Child Pornography. Once the Indiana State Police presented the criminal case to the Miami County Prosecutor in June of 2020, immediate action was taken by both the Indiana State Police and the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office, which ultimately resulted in Kline’s arrest.

Like so many other pieces of this investigation, we will always review, learn from, and make any necessary adjustments. We do not believe that any person has done anything intentionally wrong, but we will continue to critically evaluate our efforts.

We know there is enormous interest in the “WHY” of everything we do, but we cannot and will not speculate. One day you will have the opportunity to see and know what we do, and we look forward to that day.

Indiana State Police

Kline is due back in court on Dec. 16 regarding the child porn charges.

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