It’s been almost two years since the Delphi murders. The case is still unsolved.

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DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) – On Feb. 14, 2019, it will be two years since a search party found the bodies of two teenage girls from Delphi, Indiana.

Police have since released a picture and audio of the man they believe committed the murders. But where does the case stand now and how can you help?  

News 8 sat down with Kelsi German, the sister of one of the victims to talk about it. 

“It’s kind of like you’re kind of paranoid all the time because he could be right behind you and you wouldn’t even know it,” said Kelsi German. “I think it’s because we haven’t caught him.” 

Two years ago, Kelsi says she remembers searching for hours to find her sister Liberty German and her friend Abigail Williams. The two teens had gone for a hike on the Monon High Bridge Trail. 

“I drive them to High Bridge and when we got there I told them goodbye and told Libby I loved her,” said German. “I made sure they both had sweatshirts ’cause it was getting a little cold, then they left and it was the last time I saw them.” 

Later that day, Kelsi got a call that her sister was missing and they needed to look. The next morning, Libby and Abby’s bodies were found not far off the trail. 

“Somebody saw two deer on the hill and directly in front of us, then they told us they had found the girls’ bodies,” said German. “I was going to run across the water to get over there but the lady I was with had to hold me down because I didn’t need to see it.” 

Looking at this case from the outside, it may seem nothing has progressed. No recent public announcements, no possible leads, the case appears cold.

Kelsi German says she has changed since two years ago. 

“The love for my sister she was definitely my best friend. Everything I do now is because of my sister. I was always the shy soft-spoken I didn’t want to go out and do a thing and my sister was the total opposite,” she said. “So when all of this happened, I realized that being soft-spoken wasn’t going to get us anywhere. So now I am, because of the way my sister was, I am encouraged to be like that and be open and honest and learn that I do have a voice or else we’re never going to find out who this is.” 

Kelsi is an advocate now. She uses her Twitter account, interviews and her voice to tell anyone willing to listen about the case. She also thinks DNA could be the answer. 

“I’m a really big advocate for familial DNA because they can catch somebody who did a crime or multiple crimes like the Golden State Killer did 42 years ago then they can catch ours that was two years ago,” said German. 

The two year anniversary is sure to bring publicity back to the case. For the families, this has never left their minds. If you doubt Kelsi’s family and their resilience? I asked her if she believes police will ever find the man they call, “The bridge guy”. 

“Absolutely,” said German, “We will get to him eventually. Today is the day until it is the day.” 

If you have any information that could help solve the case, please contact Indiana State Police.

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