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Judge issues gag order in neglect case of adopted daughter left in apartment

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Tippecanoe County judge issued a gag order in the Barnett child neglect case on Monday, but it won’t bar them from talking to the media.

The gag order will limit what both Michael and Kristine Barnett are able to talk about with the media.

During the hearing, the prosecution claimed that the interviews given by the Barnetts have tainted the public opinion about their adopted daughter.

The prosecution said Michael Barnett made claims in several interviews that their adopted daughter poisoned

Kristine and would say she was trying to kill her and their two other children on multiple occasions. Michael Barnett in one interview said she was diagnosed as a sociopath.

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The Barnetts have also given interviews that claim their adopted daughter was more physically mature then a six year old could ever be, and discussed her puberty status in great details.

The judge ruled that the Barnetts can no longer talk to the media about their adopted daughter’s mental health, physical health or things they claimed happened while she was in their care.

Neither of the Barnetts were present in court today, their attorneys spoke for them. Both of the Barnets’ lawyers said they aren’t unhappy with the judge’s ruling.

“From our standpoint the information is out there,” said Terrance Kinnard Michael Barnett’s lawyer. “What the judge did today we think was absolutely in line with what’s fair and proper and we have no issue with the decision he has made.”

“We are focused on the trial date, we aren’t going to try this case in the media,” said Philip Hayes, Christine Barnett’s lawyer. “We are prepared and ready to go forward with the truth and the process when the day comes.”

The gag order will still allow the couple and their representation to claim their innocence and discuss how they believe the alleged victim was an adult.