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Jumbo Jive Turkey Legs food truck found after it’s stolen, vandalized

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Stolen and stripped of nearly everything.

The owners of an Indianapolis food truck are speaking out after the theft not only affected their livelihood but also their family.

Dewayne Boyd is the co-owner of Jumbo Jive Turkey Legs, a turkey-wing mobile catering business that opened at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dewayne and his brother Kerry “Chef Kilo” Boyd are known for their signature stuffed turkey legs. They’ve appeared on the Tasty Takeout segment on News 8’s “All Indiana.”

“It really blew up as soon as we opened it up because we were one of the few businesses actually to make it through the pandemic,” Boyd said.

The food truck was stolen and vandalized two weeks ago while at Prospect Street and South Keystone Avenue near Fountain Square. Dewayne says it was found three days later after tips came in from loyal customers through an app.

“If it wasn’t for our people, our people on Facebook and that text, we would probably still be looking,” Boyd said.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says it is investigating the burglary. No arrests have been made.

The truck had been stripped of nearly everything inside.

“They took off warmers. They took our fridge, our generator, which powers the whole truck, and it was mounted in there. So, they had to have some heavy duty equipment to cut to get it off,” Boyd said.

Dewayne says most of his income is made by attending events and working with small businesses “Rent and bills, the lights they don’t stop. They keep going,” Boyd said.

Those include medical bills, after Boyed was in a terrible accident in June. “My nephew and I were working on a truck, and the truck ran us over. I am just now starting to walk,” Boyd said.

Dewayne had insurance, but it didn’t cover everything inside the truck. So, for now, he and his brother will have to pay out of pocket to replace most of the equipment. Despite it all, Boyd is thankful. “We appreciate the community; everything they did for us. We are down, but we are not out. Be looking for us for a strong comeback,” Boyd said.

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